Boosting Dota 2 trusted site – TXL Dota welcome you. Hello Dota 2 world, we are TXL boosting Dota 2 and trading account. After nearly 2 months in big event SUMMER DISCOUNT COMBO, we received a lot of combo requests from our customers. We are very happy and thank all the customers who have trusted us. With thousands of monthly visits, we receive a lot of inquiries through the TXL fanpage as well as live chat support on website to looking for monthly discount code. The monthly discount code is for everyone so do not hesitate to ask us about it. Today we will guide you very easily to get discount code monthly. STEP 1: Login to your facebook account and like our fanpage at: Dota 2 TXL   STEP 2: Go to A pop up will appear. Please click to Send to Messenger with your Facebook account here. If have any request to login your facebook, please click continue as “your profile Facebook name” button. STEP 3: An automated message will be sent to your Facebook mailbox. Check your Inbox and get your discount code. Use the code you receive to reduce your total invoice value by 5 to 15% (depend on what event is going on). You can now use our service at a lower price. STEP 4: Fill the code at DISCOUNT CODE BOX in checkout page. Then total bill will discount.   After this tutorial, we hope you have a great experience with us – TXL Dota. If you have any request, do not hesitate to ask us on fanpage as well as website. We always welcome all of you. Wish you have happy days and wonderful Dota 2 experience. Don’t forget to order your boost after you read this, here is some service you wanna try. Boosting MMR Service Calibration Service Battle Cup Service Low Priority Removal TXL Team.      

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