Dota 2 new season is coming. Today, we’ll check out the changes which are going to be brought in this new season.

New season boost mmr Dota 2
New announcement about next season
  • Role symmetry First, we realize that from the previous update. The disproportionate roles have a major influence on the quality of the game. For example, when the mid player of one team has the highest rank in this team. And the mid player of the other team has the lowest rank. This makes the game faster and no longer fun. In a new season, The algorithm will attach importance to ensuring that the positions (mid, safe, off, etc.) will have an equal rank than taking other factors seriously.

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  • Report select Role To ensure that everyone plays the correct role, the new season has the added function of reporting the wrong role in the draft phase and the first minutes of the game. As a result of many low rank (often 4000 MMR or below), There are a large number of players when they are playing at support role. For that reason, this ban will make the game becomes more professional.
  • Rank Core and Support It’s not a good idea to have two completely separate ranks. We not only lose a lot of valuable information about the players. But also help a lot of bad gameplay when you play the least familiar role. Therefore, when you win or lose a game when you find a game with one type of role, the MMR of the other role also increases or decreases as a percentage of the MMR.
  • Ban The first wave is aimed at players with the lowest behavior . We will continue to have multiple rounds of players dropping to this extremely low percentage of behavior points. For the reason that, the second case of banning players are those found to be in breach of the Steam Service Agreement, and to prevent account purchases. Don’t worry, Our service will have you reach higher behavior score. Up your winrate and your behaivor score aswell.

Above all, seems like the new update will have a lot thing to do. For that reason, we are also starting to move to newer services. Stay tuned and we will bring you more surprises.


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