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After the international, many teams have changed the roster. Let us review the news of transfer market the past few days.

1. SEA teams

  • Team MINESKI have poorly results at The international 8 when only 9-12 place, some members of the team decided to leave the team. Mushi will move from position 1 (carry) to position 5 (hard- support) and add 3 new members. Kpii from team NEWBEE, ex-player from team IMMORTALS Febby and carry JT- the one we believe comes from the Geek Fam.
  • Team Fnatic: The icon of the Fnatic team recently was Jacky – EternaLEnVy – Mao left the team. At the same time, the captain and the universe will also leave the team to find new recruits. Two members from the mineski are Jabz playing in position 5 and iceiceice playing in position 3 with a member from Korea known as MP (former Secret Team Carry) will join the team.
  • Other team in SEA region

New lineup team TNC

New team – Lotac – Raven stack

Team Tiger – with top 1 MMR SEA region Inyourdream



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  • Team Navi: Following official announcement from Navi team management, Dendi will not play for Navi team in 2018 2019 season, a completely new midlander MagicaL  will replace his position. Other members except SoNNeikO and Crystallize also left the team looking for new opportunities. The new members are Blizzy and Chuvash respectively playing in offlaner positions and support 4. Most noteworthy player in new Navi lineup still new player maker midlaner MagicaL. He is appreciated by the famous players.

No more Mr. MMR is just a number

  • Team Secret: KINGUIN was disbanded in June this year, therefore ACE was replaced by a new NISHA member from the KINGUIN. Follow ex- captain Kinguin, “Nisha is probably being sought after by god players like Fly or <Other strong captain hmm idk>”. Fata also left team and Zai from team Optic will play offlaner for Team secret again. We belive that Nisha is a good carry, likewise ACE did.
  • Team NIP (Ninja in Pyjamas): PPD has signed a contract with NIP because he expects the team to be based in Europe. This is the third time NIP has invested in Dota 2, but this is the first time NIP members have not come from Sweden. Again, the Salt King – PPD wanted to try out the European environment, previously with Zai and Sneyking. Prior to signing the NIP, PPD and his teammates signed up for the Major Qualifier under the Shangri-La name.
  • Team Liquid: After some rumors that Matumbaman ( He just lost top 1 MMR in Europe leaderbroads recently) will return to the country for military service, Liquid’s manager once again stated on the twiter that the team will not make any changes next season.
  • Other team:

Team Odium ( Lil’s stack ) With some new faces, we wait for the results of the team in the future.

Team VP will not make any changes, but 9Pasha has long planned to travel and it coincides with the schedule at kuala lumpur major. VP will compete with one standin member – fn.

  • If VP go to Lan final and have point in Pro Circuit, VP will be fined 40% of points.


We will continue to update the Dota 2 market changes in the next issue. Follow us on fanpage as well as website to update information and discount programs coming from TXL Dota.

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