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Continue the previous dota 2 roster part, in this part we will go to the Chinese and American teams.

3. China Team

  • BURNING TEAM – Team Aster (new team): After many difficulties, Burning finally has the Sylar in the team. Boboka and XXS contract with VG gaming ended after TI8 as well. First of all, he secretly contacted both without telling VG. He and DK team also contact to Paparazzi as a back up player if Sylar cannot come to team. DK asked VG to buy both Paparazzi, Sylar and Fenrir and that reason make VG have none player in team, VG decided not to accept any offer for sale during this time! Finally, Burning has Sylar and Fenrir in the team. Both broke the contract and DK paid full 6 months of compensation.

  • Team Newbee: With bad results at The International 8, the Team Newbee decided to change Dota 2 roster. After two consecutive years keeping the lineup of the team, both Kaka and Kpii have to leave team. Kaka play for Keen Gaming and Kpii play for Mineski. New comer is Inflame play as offlaner and Catyou – ex player from Newbee.Young play as a supporter.

  • Ferrari_430 TEAM – Team Mr Game Boy (belong Newbee – NEW TEAM)

Line up:


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4. NA/SA Team

  • New team of W33 ( no sponsor)

  • Forward gaming (ex VGJ.Storm): While negotiating new contracts with the Ppd stack, OpTic is also contacting ex-VGJ.S. Ex-VGJ.S was interested in joining OpTic but their requirements are quite high and not many organizations can satisfy. There are about 15 to 20 organizations wishing to fund ex-VGJ.S. Finally, ex-VGJ.S has signed a contract with Forward Gaming, seemingly unknown organization in eSports. After a lengthy investigation, we found out that CEO and Founder of Forward Gaming is an employee of ESForce, which owns Virtus.Pro and SK Gaming. Maybe to break Valve’s rules for the new season, he should create a sub-organization to sponsor ex-VGJ.S. In addition, Aui_2000 instead of being added to the Coach was added to the wrong player on the Valve website and not timely to change back ahead of time so Forward Gaming will not have Coach for next season.


  • Evil Geniuses:Follow to new updates on the twiter, the team will not make any changes Dota 2 roster in the future. Team also started the bootcamp campaign to prepare for the new major.

No more streaming =(

  • CompLexity Gaming aka EE stack: Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao will back to support 5 making community put a lot of questions.


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